My name is Fabrizia Posada and I’m a multidisciplinary creator.

I work mainly with graphic design and illustration applied to editorial projects, videos and promotional material for indie musicians, but I also venture into art direction, music production, creative writing and take part in audiovisual productions as an actress and writer. I’m a Bachelor of Design in Visual Programming (University of Brasilia, 2016) and spent a year as a visiting student with a full scholarship at Parsons the New School for Design studying Communication Design (New York, 2014-15).

I feel a constant urge to make stuff. This takes me to diving into multiple personal projects in which I can combine and refine my artistic skills. I'm also obsessed with stories: I love telling and listening to stories, specially if there's something fantastical about them, and it probably shows — I think all of my projects may radiate a bit of magic.

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